IT News – Article

Headline: Iphone5 to be a Google Killer?



Author: Rene Ritchie

Summary: Lemme me tell you what I think, this Iphone? THIS IPHONE NUMBER 5 IS JUST WRONG. I MEAN C’MON! There’s already like 10 maybe more Iphones out there. Maybe I just don’t know what to say…or maybe I’m just ranting the fact that Apple will not give up on their design. Personally, I haven’t actually seen an iphone 5 or touched one physically. So, I don’t really don’t know what to rant about. So in other words, is Apple going to remove the compeition?

What was the Story about?: Basically, the story is about is the Iphone5 a google killer? Which means that if google itself have apps and wishes to share it to everyone and an app on the apple store crap had googles crazp, would it work? would it remove the compeition!? Man, I don’t even know.






Make it rain.







Now, this one here is what I’m really proud of. The budipest statue.

This photoshop took me quite of time, but in the end it was all worth it.

The five steps I did was:

1: Choose a picture from google.

2. Darken the image by using Levels.

3. Add noise.

4.Then add Motion blur.

5. and finally free transform.

After I’ve tweeked everything else, the picture looked amazing.

So, there you have it, my masterpiece.