Out of bounds. W.I.P

Herro, everyone. Mai’ name es Kevin and I have done dis’ project called Out of Bounds.

For an example of Out of bounds:

It seemed simple enough. Right? But, I got two others:


if you’re wondering, “hey kevin, how’d you do all dis’?” then I’ll just explain it down at the bottom.

1. Grab a picture, whatever you want the picture to be.

2. Open up Photoshop.

3. Now, make sure you have your whatever colors to whatever you want, right? cuz you need them colors for the background to make it all dazzy and glaazyy. You know what I mean, dawg?

4. Select the Gradiant tool, click and drag it across the background, make sure you have it to what you want right? You know, the style of it, angle and whatnot or color.


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