CES 2013, Razor Edge.

When CES 2013 was announced and open, thousands of electronic consumers flocked to Las Vegas. In search for new and amazing technologies they could get their hands on. There were entertaining ones and not so entertaining, but what really got my attention was the Razor’s Edge PC gaming tablet. At last years at CES, Razor had teased it’s customers about a new PC tablet coming out, called Project Fiona. As Razor had conducted a survey on it’s customer on what they want to see on Project Fiona, many people have stated they wanted a mobile PC gaming device.

Razor’s Edge PC gaming tablet.Razor

Revolutionary. It’s something I would totally put in my hands.

There are two versions for the Tablet, one a original and the other a pro version. The difference is in price and it’s specs. It’s original product started at $999, it’s components consist of 4Gigs of RAM, a Nvidia GT 640M GPU, packing a Core i5 and holding 64GB of memory.
The Pro Version sales for $1299, expensive, yes. But the specs are 8 Gigs of RAM, same Nvidia graphics card, but packs a Core i7 and has 128GBs of memory.
I think playing Battlefield 3 would definitely run smoothly on Edge.

As seen above in the picture, the two controllers plugged into the side of the device isn’t the only thing you can hook up to.Rzor key

Not only can you plug in a split controller, but you can also attach a keyboard and a mouse. It would seem that the Edge isn’t for only mobility reasons, but also for staying at a location for a long-period or short. Pull out your attachable keyboard and mouse, sit down in a cafe, play games and relax.Razor keyboard

I would definetly buy Razor’s Edge and just play anywhere I go. But, not only could you just hook a keyboard to it or a mouse, you could also hook it up to a TV, like Steam’s Big Picture program. Allowing the user to move their steam to their TV and playing on the couch. Plug it in and play.hookup

Forgetting to mention about it’s reliability. Razor has said it’s quite durable and it’s battery pack could only last about 12 hours or so. But, we gotta try that for sure, see how it turns out when you play a game for couple of hours.
What are my thoughts?

Honestly, I like the new PC gaming tablet, its’ revolutionary and I haven’t seen anything like it before. I could just pick up the device, go out, wait for the bus, and play at the bu stop or anywhere else I please! Entertain myself, not only that I would look cool. The specs are quite amazing, I could play any modern games today and even old games. But, I’m not sure what the interface is going to be like. Will it be like Windows 8 or something simple and sweet. Who knows, we gotta wait until it comes out at a later date.



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