IT News Article 7 –



Summary:  The popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp breaches Canadian and Dutch privacy laws by forcing many of its users to grant access to their entire address book in order to use it, Canada’s privacy watchdog has found in a joint investigation with Dutch authorities.

“The address book contains phone numbers of both users and non-users,” noted Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, in a statement released Monday with a report on the investigation. Ohhh, this is bad for the popular messaging app. Retrieveing many bad reps and might even get sued for it’s privacy breech. Basically, what the app is doing is grabbing all your information and storing it back into your Iphones or whatever mobile device that is compability with the app; Iphones iOS6, are transferred automatically into your contacts without permission. Bad news bears.


There have been few problems solved, but many cases are going UNSOLVED! What will be next? You’ll need to pay just to use it? Well, there is. There’s a free version and a pro version, giving the users more options and features than the Free version. Something smells fishy.

StakeHolder: Bad for the company and the app. As for the Customers, oh my. Be careful what you download. Crazy things might happen.


IT news Article 6 – Atari files for bankruptcy! WHAT IS GOING ON!




Summary: Looks like another great gaming company is going to come to an end. Atari has filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to separate its American assets from its French parent company. In a statement on Monday, Jan, 21st , the game-maker said it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States, but will continue operations as normal. The CEO made a statement on the bankruptcy and it’s shareholders,

“[We] have decided to take what we think is the best decision to protect the company and its shareholders,” said CEO Jim Wilson.

The company expects to sell or restructure its assets within the next 90 to 120 days. Hopefully, they’ll make the sales and somewhat do better. In all truth, great gaming companies are going away, they are withering away like dead trees. They will be missed like our favourite children books.


Atari: Bad, splitting it’s assests from American and French, this is going downhill for Atari.

Customers: AWFULLY BAD. There will be no more new releases for Sonic or…maybe a Pac-Man sequel? No more funds, no more games.


IT News Article 5 – THQ, BANKRUPT!



Author: Kevin Bae

Summary: It’s been rumoured that THQ has been going into bankruptcy…but that rumour is finally true. THQ has filed bankruptcy last year, in December. THQ, being one of big US gaming companies, being a favourite of mine, had released many and some not so great video games on our consoles.  Publishing S.T.A.L.K.E.R, WarHammer 40k, Homefront, South Park – The Stick of truth, etc. But, these titlies are being sold off from it’s rightful owners, some to Ubisoft, Evolve, CryTek, and Relic Entertainment. Sadly, THQ haven’t been making much money due to it’s compettitors. Since Call of Duty so way better in means of GAMEPLAY and Storyline, it’s obvious that same old generic FPS shooters are going to be the number one video games on sale. But, there could be still hope, as THQ may be bought and may come under new management. New startgey and leadership will emerged from the ruins of THQ, hopefully it will come back up top and attempt to create the upcoming Sequel, Metro 2034, Last Light. Of course, we can only hope for a better future for THQ and it’s objective, but only time will tell. I bid; for now, farewell.


THQ: A true gaming company, going away. A very truely horrible thing, but THQ may be bought off and new leadership will rise.

Customers: A very bad thing, no more good games for customers.

How I feel?: Honestly, this is bad. If big compettitors are still going to build crappy Call Of Duty generic games, the same old and same old, what kind of Future does the gaming industry hold? EA, being one of the worst companies and the worst customer service, it releases generic games are month or rumors it off for people to get their wallets ready. In other words, they’re money grabbing fools. THQ will be a big lose. Goodbye…

IT Article 4 (Man climbs skyscraper with bionic leg)



Summary: 31, man, Zac Vawters lost his leg to a motorcycle accident. Losing his leg, he lost all hope of ever being a normal human being, than his life changed when Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago came along and said “We can help you.”, equiping Vawters with a bionic mind controlled leg with a catch…to raise fundraising for the event , “SkyTower”.  Vawters climbed 103 floors at the Willis Tower with a bionic leg and no problems. Pretty coolio, huh? Apparently, the wiring the gizmo are wired to his muscles and the electrical impulse it gives off from the brain to the leg, so mind controlled leg.

“Everything went great,” said Vawter at the event’s end. “The prosthetic leg did its part, and I did my part.”


Stakeholder: The future is looking bright, technology is advancing and this is good huge leap towards mankind. Then there’s SkyNet and Terminators.

IT news article 3

Headline:Scientistsaim to send humans to the stars within the next 100 years.


Summary: So, basically, DARPA and Dr. Mae Jamison are going to initiate the 100 year starship program. They want to send humans out into space , build a spaceship, implant all the nescessities to live out in space, for example: How to grow food , trying to keep law and order in the colozining spaceship, and whatever that is needed for human live that may never return back to their home planet; Earth. Finally, NASA and DARPA are starting this amazing program so that Humans can pro-long our exisitance out in the dark, empty void of space, which happenly could have endless of millions of resources and alien life forms that we can use for our advantages. I’m thinking happiness and sunshine here, but really, what if this was a psychological experiment? WHAT IF THIS ISN’T ALL REAL, WHAT IF…You’re now entering the Twilight Zone.

What’s the Storyabout: What else, to send humans to space for a long long long time.

Stakeholder: Damn, I can’t wait for this. I wish I can live up to 200 years.

IT News Article – 2

Headline: There’s nothing wrong with Black Ops 2 Engine, is there…?


Summary: Treyarch is defending Black Ops 2 of it’s graphics engine. Treyarch believes that it’s more gorgeous than ever. Somewhat, they’ve been using the same engine source as 7 years ago. Now, that’s some recycling. To be honest, Treyarch, stop being cheap. The engine looks exactly same from Black Ops 1, Mw3 and Mw2. It baffles me how you can just sit there and say , “You know what, let’s re-use this engine. But, just tweak it a little so it means below our standards.” That’s what I think.

What’s the story about: In a nutshell, Treyarch goes green and re-uses the same engine back from 2004. It looks the same as ever from the previous other games.

Stakeholders: Treyarch can do whatever they want, but people like me or whomever will rant about it’s reused engine and whanot. Treyarch needs better games too.