The first flimstrip I made:

This one was to contribute for all the hard work and running that Terry Fox did to raise money for cancer. Lovely man.

2nd Flimstrip:

This one was my second flimstrip I made. Nothing much, nothing special, just meh. Quite easy once you get the hang of it, though.


Finally, my last one. once again, nothing special. Looks like a two year old did it. Maybe it was. But, like I said before, it’s nothing to hard once you get the hang of it.


1. Make a blank page with these specific settings to make the flimstrip.

2. Create all those empty squares by erasing them in a specific setting.

3. Cut holes out where the pictures go with a specific setting.

4. Place pictures in those holes with a specific setting.

5.Stretch the strip to whatever style you want to a specific setting (Edit>Transform>Warp)


Hope you liked it.


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