IT News Article 7 –



Summary:  The popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp breaches Canadian and Dutch privacy laws by forcing many of its users to grant access to their entire address book in order to use it, Canada’s privacy watchdog has found in a joint investigation with Dutch authorities.

“The address book contains phone numbers of both users and non-users,” noted Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, in a statement released Monday with a report on the investigation. Ohhh, this is bad for the popular messaging app. Retrieveing many bad reps and might even get sued for it’s privacy breech. Basically, what the app is doing is grabbing all your information and storing it back into your Iphones or whatever mobile device that is compability with the app; Iphones iOS6, are transferred automatically into your contacts without permission. Bad news bears.


There have been few problems solved, but many cases are going UNSOLVED! What will be next? You’ll need to pay just to use it? Well, there is. There’s a free version and a pro version, giving the users more options and features than the Free version. Something smells fishy.

StakeHolder: Bad for the company and the app. As for the Customers, oh my. Be careful what you download. Crazy things might happen.


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