IT News Article 5 – THQ, BANKRUPT!



Author: Kevin Bae

Summary: It’s been rumoured that THQ has been going into bankruptcy…but that rumour is finally true. THQ has filed bankruptcy last year, in December. THQ, being one of big US gaming companies, being a favourite of mine, had released many and some not so great video games on our consoles.  Publishing S.T.A.L.K.E.R, WarHammer 40k, Homefront, South Park – The Stick of truth, etc. But, these titlies are being sold off from it’s rightful owners, some to Ubisoft, Evolve, CryTek, and Relic Entertainment. Sadly, THQ haven’t been making much money due to it’s compettitors. Since Call of Duty so way better in means of GAMEPLAY and Storyline, it’s obvious that same old generic FPS shooters are going to be the number one video games on sale. But, there could be still hope, as THQ may be bought and may come under new management. New startgey and leadership will emerged from the ruins of THQ, hopefully it will come back up top and attempt to create the upcoming Sequel, Metro 2034, Last Light. Of course, we can only hope for a better future for THQ and it’s objective, but only time will tell. I bid; for now, farewell.


THQ: A true gaming company, going away. A very truely horrible thing, but THQ may be bought off and new leadership will rise.

Customers: A very bad thing, no more good games for customers.

How I feel?: Honestly, this is bad. If big compettitors are still going to build crappy Call Of Duty generic games, the same old and same old, what kind of Future does the gaming industry hold? EA, being one of the worst companies and the worst customer service, it releases generic games are month or rumors it off for people to get their wallets ready. In other words, they’re money grabbing fools. THQ will be a big lose. Goodbye…


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