IT news article 3

Headline:Scientistsaim to send humans to the stars within the next 100 years.


Summary: So, basically, DARPA and Dr. Mae Jamison are going to initiate the 100 year starship program. They want to send humans out into space , build a spaceship, implant all the nescessities to live out in space, for example: How to grow food , trying to keep law and order in the colozining spaceship, and whatever that is needed for human live that may never return back to their home planet; Earth. Finally, NASA and DARPA are starting this amazing program so that Humans can pro-long our exisitance out in the dark, empty void of space, which happenly could have endless of millions of resources and alien life forms that we can use for our advantages. I’m thinking happiness and sunshine here, but really, what if this was a psychological experiment? WHAT IF THIS ISN’T ALL REAL, WHAT IF…You’re now entering the Twilight Zone.

What’s the Storyabout: What else, to send humans to space for a long long long time.

Stakeholder: Damn, I can’t wait for this. I wish I can live up to 200 years.


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