IT News Article – 2

Headline: There’s nothing wrong with Black Ops 2 Engine, is there…?


Summary: Treyarch is defending Black Ops 2 of it’s graphics engine. Treyarch believes that it’s more gorgeous than ever. Somewhat, they’ve been using the same engine source as 7 years ago. Now, that’s some recycling. To be honest, Treyarch, stop being cheap. The engine looks exactly same from Black Ops 1, Mw3 and Mw2. It baffles me how you can just sit there and say , “You know what, let’s re-use this engine. But, just tweak it a little so it means below our standards.” That’s what I think.

What’s the story about: In a nutshell, Treyarch goes green and re-uses the same engine back from 2004. It looks the same as ever from the previous other games.

Stakeholders: Treyarch can do whatever they want, but people like me or whomever will rant about it’s reused engine and whanot. Treyarch needs better games too.


One thought on “IT News Article – 2

  1. The truth is no matter how much they reuse an engine, the call of duty franchise will always sell games, theres just no denying it. people say stuff like “This is garbage im not gonna spend money on this” then the release date comes around and they buy it and act like they never said that, the truth is that, treyarch and infinity ward can get away with this and barely anyone will care.

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